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Piano Lessons


Fine Arts Academy Music School offers guitar lessons primarily in traditional classical guitar method and Suzuki classical guitar method, but also modern acoustic method and electric guitar method.

During private lessons, students will learn: how to read music notation, basic musical scales and  chords, the parts of the guitar, how to hold it properly, the names of the open strings, how to tune them, and proper right-hand and left-hand technique. Subsequent lessons will focus on exercises that strengthen the fingers on the fretting hand, learning more advanced scales and chords, as well as strumming patterns....

Guitar Lessons

We provide to piano students of all ages a high-quality music education in an engaging and nurturing environment that promotes a life-long love for music and music-making. Piano lessons are customized to meet the individual needs of each student, from beginning to advanced. 

The primary areas of study in piano lessons include:
* reading music notation
* developing appropriate piano technique (the physical mechanics of playing piano)
* music analysis (music theory - the "grammar" of how music is put together)...