One-time fee - $75
Includes Access Card and 1 each Fine Arts Academy Music School T-shirt

Private Music Lessons
$120 per month for four 30 minute lessons per month

$220 per month for four 1 hour lessons per month

$330 per month for four 90 minute lessons per month

Recital Fee

Students at Fine Arts Academy Music School will participate in regular

recitals and concerts. Performance is an important part of musical

education. In order for students to perform well, disciplined practice

regimens must be followed along with committed attendance of all

scheduled lessons and rehearsals. A recital fee of $20 per student, per recital/concert will be charged to the student's account. 

If student is not performing in recital, then no fee will be charged.

Recital Tickets

All concert tickets will be purchased at Academy for concerts.

Recital Attire

Female students must rent a formal dress from the Academy for $40 for the whole year. This will be debited from student account. This is attire for all concerts. Dresses will be turned in to the Academy with dry cleaning slip, in same condition it was received from the Academy. Girls must also have black shoes. New female students will be charged dress rental fee one month after signing up at Academy..

Male students must wear a black tuxedo or black suit, white dress shirt, black bow-tie and black shoes to all concerts.

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Killeen, Texas 76543

(254) 291 - 6551

The Fine Arts Academy

Tuition at The Fine Arts Academy